What You Need To Know About Judges In Court

Everyone is expected to show a particular kind of behavior when dealing with a judge in a courtroom. It must be noted that the judges of the courts of law expect a lot from everyone in his sala. Even the lawyers are expected to act in a certain way while hearing for the cases. This same treatment applies to everyone, regardless of whether the said person is an officer of the court, a defendant or a plaintiff.

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In today’s article, we are going to shift our focus on the proper etiquette expected from any person who attends court hearings before a judge. If you are planning or thinking to go to a court anytime soon, it is best if you will read this article from start to finish so that you will get an idea on what judges do and how they handle cases assigned to them. Here are the common facts to consider:


Judges Make The Final Decision About Disputes

When it comes to having problems with another party, the first thing that you need to do is to resolve the issue amicably. As much as possible, no one shall be involved during the settlement negotiations. However, this rule need not be followed in cases where both parties have reached an impasse wherein they cannot make a better judgment about the situation. When this happens, the best thing to do is to seek redress from the courts of law. All you have to do is to file the necessary pleading in court and wait for the schedule of the hearing. After that, a judge will be in charge of hearing the arguments of both parties. Eventually, he will be the final arbiter or the one who will make a decision.

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Judges Can Hold You In Contempt  

As already mentioned above, there is a necessity on your part to act nice whenever you are inside a courtroom. Do not show any sign of disrespect, not only to the judge but to everyone around you. Otherwise, the said judge can place you in contempt of court. When this happens, it is possible that you may face jail time. It can be the worst day of your life since the judge has the discretion to decide on the number of days that you will stay inside the prison cell. Aside from this consequence, the record of contempt will be permanently attached to your name.


Judges Can Be Sensitive

Be careful in whatever you will say in front of a judge. Do not be tactless because it can put you in a compromising situation. If you are the plaintiff, the judge may see you as an entitled prick that is causing chaos in his courtroom. On the other hand, if you are a defendant, he may also think that you are acting defensive during the hearing. For this reason, it is recommended if you will think twice before opening your mouth. If you are not sure with what to say, then the best option is to shut up. Remember that your words can be taken against you, which is why you must know the proper strategies to use in court.

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Every judge must be accorded with the right amount of respect and praise. As such, it is crucial to let them feel that their contribution to the justice system is something that we cannot buy. Nonetheless, do not act in such a way that the judge will think that you are bribing him for some favors. Be subtle in every step of the way. Failure to do this can lead to some serious problems.

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