The Essence Of Cyber Security Discussed At 2016 Seattle Community Security Conference

The 2016 Seattle community security conference is a well-known event dedicated to the enhancement of cyber security alone. In this conference, anything that is cyber security related was discussed such as the programs, workshops, colleges, and jobs that are relevant to the topic.

Since the late 2000s, Seattleā€™s employment hub is comprised of 80% telecommunication companies which are the number one job generator in the area. With the penetration of the industry, cybersecurity has been held on the line. That is why large companies have organized an annual two-day conference which discusses the nature and importance of Cyber Security.

What Is Cyber Security?


Cyber Security is the method of safeguarding specific programs or networks from digital invasions and collapses. Since most businesses and activities nowadays are computer-dependent, it is crucial that all organization have the security measures and tools to protect their system from unexpected attacks. Because these attacks are capable of consuming complex data, cease the flow of the business and get money from customers.

Cybersecurity is not as simple as it is. It applies to a variety of conditions like computation and subdivided into common types including network security, application security, information security, operational security, and end-user education.

Why Is Cyber Security Important?


Cybersecurity is something that we must not ignore especially if we are in the business industry. It is critically important to prevent the prevailing exercise of cyber crimes like hacking and extortion. Moreover, being cyber secured promotes the reduction of damages to large companies that are prone to attacks and data breaches.

Having strong cybersecurity clearly leads to a prosperous flow of business. Everyone will also get to enjoy more elements of modern existence having a technology that is secured and safe. Lastly, terrible events like financial losses and identity theft will have no place in society if and only if cybersecurity is strengthened and valued.

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