Top Ten Child Support Questions

Child support is one essential aspect of upbringing a child. This allows you to understand how the child support laws work. Here are most frequently asked questions about child support:

What Is Child Support Supposed To Cover?


Child support covers the basic needs of the child such as food, shelter, clothing, education, medicine, and recreation. Luxury items and needs of the custodial parent are not covered by child support. Arrangements can be legally enforced if they have been submitted to the court for approval and conversion to an official order.

How Is The Amount Of Child Support Calculated?


Calculations are determined based on different factors that relate to the parents and the child. For example, the child’s age, development, physical characteristics, medical needs, and education are considered when setting support amounts. The court also checks the ability of each parent to provide support. The parent’s income level, earning capacity, education and financial background will be investigated. In cases where the custodial parent is remarried, the financial support coming from their spouses are also considered.

How Is Child Support Collected?

The non-paying parent can collect child support in different ways. They can be made through direct deposits or debit card, or check. There is also an option to deduct from the salary of the paying parent the amount and send it to the child welfare agency. This agency will then transfer the support to the custodial parent.

Can The Amount Of Child Support Be Modified?


Child support can be modified and needed to be filed for modification in court. This process will allow them to present information about the requested adjustments. There should be a justifiable reason as to why the support for the child is being modified. In cases where the custodial party requests for a higher amount, they must be able to show the necessary documents to justify the increase they are requesting. An example will be additional expenses at school.

If A Parent Loses His Job Or Gets A New Job, Is Child Support Automatically Changed?

The child support will not be changed as the court is not the one responsible for monitoring the life changes of a parent and child. If the parent or the child experiences new conditions that may require an adjustment of the support, they will have to file a request to the court. The court will review the application and will determine if a modification is necessary.

Does Child Support End When The Child Turns 18?

Child support can continue if the child is primarily dependent on the paying parent for financial assistance. On the other hand, if the court determines that the child is capable of supporting himself, and can provide his own needs, they can be released from child support.

What Is “Past Due Support”?

This refers to child support payments that have been missed or skipped. The paying parent is still legally obligated to pay for the amount missed as the court keeps track of their payments. Accumulation of high amounts of past-due support can result in consequences such as deduction of their wages.

What If The Other Parent Refuses To Pay Child Support?

Failure to pay child support should be reported immediately to court and can result in legal consequences. The paying parent still owes the past due amounts so long as there is a valid support order coming from the court. The custodial parent can request services from child support collection agencies to identify and obtain the child support payments.

The Other Parent Is Using Child Support For Personal Purchases – What Should I Do?

This conduct should be reported immediately to court. Violations of child support laws can lead to legal consequences like the loss of custodial and visitation rights. The court may also order a recalculation of the child support to determine the true extent of the actual needs of the child.

Is It Necessary To Hire A Lawyer for Child Support Issues?

Child support issues are complicated and require extensive interaction between parents and the court. Lawyers specializing in this CS cases can assist you with these issues and can be your representative in court during hearings and formal court meeting.

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