Dialogue For Community Therapy – Top Problems Teenagers Face Today

We all live in an entirely competitive world today, where everything we do requires consistent decisions. As adults, we understand our duties and responsibilities to ourselves, friends, colleagues, and family. But with a more specific obligation, we play an important role in keeping our children safe. But are we aware of what our teenagers are going through? Do we have an idea of how they are dealing with the challenging world? If it would help us understand our children, I have a list of problems that teens currently face today.

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Social Media Addiction – One of the top issues that teenagers are facing today is social media addiction. It becomes part of their lives that when it’s not accessible, teenagers become emotionally bothered and dysfunctional. Teenagers’ addiction to social media has a lot to do with the image of perfection they often see posted on someone else’s wall. They become more attracted to the beautiful things they see, which somehow build more of their insecurities.

Substance Abuse – It is a bit of concern that most teenagers nowadays engage in substance abuse. Negative habits such as binge drinking of alcohol and smoking are now part of their lifestyles. As much as we want to control it, we know that the more we grapple with making them stop, they will find new ways to continue what they think provides them happiness. Therefore, these are something they should deal with sensitively.

Drug Addiction – Drug addiction is a common problem that the majority of teenagers are dealing with. Regardless of their gender, age and status in life, almost all of them are able to engage in bad habits due to several reasons. However usually, it is because of peer pressure. Teenagers hanging out with the wrong group or bad influenced individuals can commit the wrongful act. Thus, their environment and upbringing genuinely matter. Because if not, the engagement in delinquent and criminal acts is highly possible.

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Eating Disorder – It is an issue commonly experienced by teenage girls. They struggle to fit in with society’s standard of body image. Thus, they intend to compromise their health only to get that desired body shape. Due to this poor choice of habit, some girls suffer from clinical conditions such as anemia and anorexia. Teenage boys, on the other hand, struggle with eating a lot of junk food. They usually overeat at times or skip a meal.

Insecurities – Many teens today are dealing with body-image issues. That explains why they often spend more time and money trying to look good for others to appreciate. But regardless of their effort, they are never satisfied. Teenage insecurities leave these young individuals with anxious and depressed personalities making them unable to love themselves. They usually feel upset about their imperfections and go above board only to change the things they don’t like about their physical appearance.

Future’s Uncertainty – Most teenagers nowadays are uncertain of what they want in life. They are more into living in the present. Some of them are not taking things seriously and believe that they can handle things independently despite the lack of skills and experience. Teens nowadays are confused with their careers and passion. Some are drawn into fame and pleasure that they ignore the importance of intellect and good manners.

Pressure To Excel – Every teenager wants to be the best in everything. They want their lives to run according to their effort and accomplishments. However, these children stress themselves and push their mental, physical, and emotional health to the limit due to that desire. Thus, they spend more hours doing things up to the extent of harming their overall health. They often work too hard trying to be the best because they feel pressured to excel no matter what.

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Relationship Pressure – As part of the open-mindedness, many teenagers are now diving into having a romantic relationship. They believe it is a normal way for them to become mature enough to understand the pros and cons of commitment. They think that being in a relationship teaches them to make better decisions in life. However, teenagers do not see the damage of physical intimacy in an early stage. Their engagement in unsafe sex leads to sexually transmitted disease and early pregnancy.

Depression – As much as we would want to think that teenagers nowadays are strong and independent, almost all of them struggle with mental health problems, particularly depression. That is due to the nonstop uncertainties that life throws at them that make them feel a lot worse than dejected. Everything around requires them to immediately adjust to the emotional and mental aspects causing too much pressure on their overall development.


Our children can suffer more serious damage when not taken care of. As parents, we need to exert extra effort in educating them about their responsibility to themselves, so they can recognize their roles in the community.


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