7 Reasons NOT To Date During Your Divorce

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Divorce is an extremely stressful event for a family or in a person’s life. That’s why it’s understandable for some people who choose to date during a divorce. Dating gives them the chance to get their minds off of the stress, relax, and boost their self-esteem by going on dates with someone who is interested in them.

So with all those benefits, why shouldn’t you date while your divorce is still processing?

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What You Need To Know About Judges In Court

Everyone is expected to show a particular kind of behavior when dealing with a judge in a courtroom. It must be noted that the judges of the courts of law expect a lot from everyone in his sala. Even the lawyers are expected to act in a certain way while hearing for the cases. This same treatment applies to everyone, regardless of whether the said person is an officer of the court, a defendant or a plaintiff.

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